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What is Kaleo?

At Kaleo – we’re a glass half full kind of bunch. We’re the kind of people who look for the beauty around us rather than picking flaws. We strive to create a more positive future through our actions. ​

For too long the hair & beauty industry has displayed ideals and stereotypes that set unrealistic expectations, putting pressure to live up to a filtered “reality”. So we decided it was time for a change – and set out to build a brand that would unite a collective of people who see the world like we do. Those who look for the beauty around them and strive to create a more positive future through their actions. ​​

Our purpose is to empower all people to celebrate their individual beauty. ​

We believe that individuality should be embraced, that not every day is perfect and by looking after ourselves, each other and the world around us we can create a more positive future. We’d love you to join our collective of like minded people who embrace the small moments in each day, the places we go and the beautiful individuals in our lives who make us smile & bring us joy.​

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We're currently open.

Address: 35 Unley Road Parkside Adelaide SA 5063

Phone: 08 8272 1175

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