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Searching for a Hair Stylist in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Combines Exceptional Services with a Luxurious Atmosphere.

The new year has begun – and with that comes a need for change. You stare at your reflection, squinting at the familiar fall of your bangs; the highlights faded by time. The style that once thrilled now seems all too dull. Your look …read more .

Looking for a Hairdresser in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Offers Premium Services to Men and Women.

It’s a series of frazzled ends and frizzy fly-aways. With every pass of the brush, your hair becomes a tangled mess – and you wince as unruly strands twist between the bristles, clumping together in a sad, dry knot. Your scalp thirsts …read more .

Searching for Make Up Artists in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Offers Premium Cosmetic Services.

There’s a nightmare caught in your reflection – a strange, unnatural creature pieced together from heavy blush, smeared lipstick, and ill-matching foundation. In anticipation of a special event, you decided to debut a new look. …read more .

Searching for Men’s Waxing Services in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Provides Exceptional Care to our Clients.

It’s an endless series of strokes. The razor drags across your skin, snagging the tiny hairs with every pass. You crave a smooth chest, but this process proves tedious – and painful, with a sudden nick of the blade causing you to wince. A …read more .

In Need of Relaxation? Kabuki Offers Pedicure Services to Hyde Park, Parkside, and Unley.

The day seemed to stretch toward forever – a series of crowded footpaths, broken lifts, and endless trudges from the cubicle to the boardroom. Hours were spent in slow, slow pacing; and you collapse now onto the sofa, groaning at the …read more .

Looking for Spray Tan Services in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Delivers Premium Vani-T Treatments.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you… are hiding in the house, shades drawn and windows sealed tight. The mere suggestion of light leaves you wincing – because, unlike the fortunate ones frolicking outside, you’re not prone …read more .

Looking for Waxing Services in Hyde Park, Parkside, or Unley? Kabuki Caters to Men and Women.

The pursuit of perfection too often proves painful – with tweezers tugging at your skin, razors leaving behind little drops of blood, and epilators irritating every curve. At the end of our grooming session you’re left hairless but scowling …read more .

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