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Colour, Straightening, & Extensions


Keune’s So Pure Colour is a natural balance, mild, and effective hair colour with no sulphate or parabens.

Bio - Ionic Straightening

Visibly straighter, softer, and silkier hair… Can also be used on pre coloured hair.


Relax curls, soften brittle hairs, reduce drying time, and most importantly de-frizz even stubbornly frizzy hair…dye…

Hair Extensions

Integrating natural high quality extensions with skill and precision to create flawless, seamless long hair… using  and Showpony and Perfectress to create a flawless look.

Eyelash Extensions And Lash And Brow Tinting

Naturally curved synthetic lashes for a longer, thicker look… darker, fuller looking lashes and eyebrows everyday…


High quality hair colour is achieved through expert application of the right product. At Kabuki Hair our professional staff believe in using only the best. That is why we exclusively use Keune products for hair colouring.

Nutrient Enriched Hair Colouring

Keune’s So Pure Color is a Natural Balance, mild, and effective hair colour. Inspired by nature, So Pure is coconut based and enriched with Argan oil, phytokeratin and essential oils. The coconut and argan oil moisturises and conditions hair, while phytokeratin improves structure and shine. Essential oils add an aroma essential to the So Pure experience. This is an ammonia and paraben free product.

At Home Hair Care

As part of our mission to provide dazzling hairstyles between salon visits, we stock a full range of home hair care to help maintain your style and Colour at Home.


Olaplex is a breakthrough hair care product. We recommend using this treatment along with hair colouring to dramatically reduce hair breakage, improve hair strength and make your hair colour last longer.

While our hair colouring products are selected for their gentleness on hair, Olaplex ensures the best results. We recommend Olaplex if you want longer lasting colour or have hair particularly prone to breakage.

We stock olaplex in store and so you can get the most out of our hair colouring and further minimise damage.

Receive a Free home hair care bottle of Olaplex no.3 after every in salon Olaplex Treatment.

For modern, stylish hair colouring, book online or call us on (08) 8272 1175.

Bio-Ionic Straightening

Bio-Ionic is a revolutionary hair straightening product. Using a blend of 32 minerals that emit negative ions into the hair, Bio-Ionic breaks down water molecules. This re-hydrates and re-conditions hair, leading to visibly straighter, softer, and silkier hair.

Book a hair straightening session at Kabuki Hair for straighter hair in one session. Book online or call (08) 8272 1175.

Anti-Frizz Treatments

Kabuki Hair’s anti-frizz treatments relax curls, soften brittle hairs, reduce drying time, and most importantly de-frizz even stubbornly frizzy hair.

Our professional staff use GK anti-frizz products. With years of experience working with all different types of hairs, we find and apply the right product to reduce stiffness and moisturise hair.

For more manageable, frizz-free hair book online or call (08) 8272 1175.

Adelaide Hair Extensions

Our highly experienced staff integrate natural quality extensions with skill and precision to create flawless, seamless long hair. Our salon stocks a full range to suit your individual needs, style, and desire. Showpony wefts, Tapes and mini micro tips. We are also an exclusive Prefectress Hair extension Salon using amazing new technology in extensions, Perfectress Connections and Link Wefts. Enquire now and book an Extension Consult below.

Hair extensions require care and upkeep. As part of our commitment to providing lasting style, our staff are happy to explain all maintenance tips and answer any questions. We also offer hair extension maintenance, which we recommend every 4-5 weeks.

For natural looking, longer hair book online or call (08) 8272 1175.

Eyelash And Brow Extensions And Tinting


Naturally curved synthetic lashes for a longer, thicker look. Our professional hairdressers apply high quality synthetic lashes with precision for natural looking, luscious lashes.


Have darker, fuller looking lashes and eyebrows everyday. Eyelash tinting only takes minutes at our luxury salon. It is long lasting and low maintenance. Professionally applied eyelash tinting leaves no mascara clumps and it doesn’t run or need constant reapplying.

Book online or call (08) 8272 1175 for more natural beauty enhancements.

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